L.A. Celebrates Foster The People's Debut Album Release

by THEO HENDRIX · May 25, 2011

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    There are two reasons I'm grateful Foster the People finally released their first full-length album Torches yesterday: 1) I liked the few songs that were the only ones available up until yesterday and wanted more since I go through passing waves of being sick of "Pumped Up Kicks" playing EVERYWHERE I go. I don't want to end up being mad at this band because of overplay. It's not their fault. And 2) I don't have to hear another kid who thinks of themselves as "super alt" complain that their album isn't out yet. Ever again.

    Now that the L.A.-based band's highly anticipated album release has arrived, we can all take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy what's been described as "the soundtrack for an eternal summer". That's exactly how the momentous debut was celebrated last night at Foster the People's Album Release Party thrown at Stone Rose where wine, casual chitchat, and lounging were in abundance. So here's to having some more Foster the People songs for summer playlists and not having to be mad at "Pumped Up Kicks".