L.A. Checks Its Good Behavior At The Door For The YRB Magazine NYE Party In The Hills

by Emily Green · January 3, 2011

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    If ever there is a time to behave badly, it's at a house party in the hills. That axiom takes on new, greater meaning when it happens to be New Year's Eve and there's a former cast member of not one, but TWO seasons of "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" and star of Grease in attendance. Yes, I am talking about Jeff Conaway.

    Jeff Conaway Jeff Conaway

    Don't call it a comeback. The troubled actor-cum-reality TV legend (thanks, VH1) made it out of his crypt for the YRB Magazine New Year's Eve Mansion Soiree presented by Atherton Productions in the Hollywood Hills and proved to the world Kenickie's still got it. The above photo was taken as he exited a bathroom with two giggly ladies in tow. We have no idea what happened in there but judging by that mug he's sporting, we're guessing it was more than a shit-talking powwow. Just sayingggg...

    For such an occasion, it was only appropriate that guests ring in the new year with a midnight performance by Mr. Right, aka Mickey Avalon. Between the fully stocked bar, ample room for staging your one-man shitshow, unabashed making out, and broad smiles all around, the photos from the party probably do a better job of capturing the night than we ever could in words.

    But it is worth mentioning that the new year's celebration also featured a sandbox on the first floor that became the site of many a dive/fall. And you KNOW it's a good night when a French dude walks around asking the entire party for condoms.

    Frankly, we expect nothing less of a proper New Year's Eve throwdown. Being a little naughty and outrageous is FUN and the holiday gives us an excuse to check our good behavior at the door. It's the degenerate inside us' night, and it's probably a good thing we get it out of our system so we can start start the new year with a clean slate and fond memories of debauchery to look back on because now it's Monday... back to life, back to reality.