L.A. Goes Around The World In 80 Sips

by guestofaguest · August 23, 2010

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    Last week, L.A. wine enthusiasts were transported all over the globe from the upstairs lounge of h.wood in Hollywood at Bottlenotes' Around the World in 80 Sips event.

    With several tables placed throughout the room, each representing a different region, connoisseurs swilled and sampled over 80 fine selections as they discussed the "buttery" and "oaky" notes of the vintages being served.  To help cleanse palettes, guests were treated to a lavish spread of cheeses and fruit fit for a king.  After hours of tasting, it only made sense that guests had something to show for their time sipping by purchasing their favorites from the night.

    But the decadence wasn't completely self-indulgent; a portion of the night's proceeds benefited the March of Dimes. Going home with filled with food and drink, some additions to broaden their wine collection, and the satisfaction in having contributed to charity, the event was an all around success.