L.A. Parties With Lacoste L!VE Presented By Interview Magazine

by THEO HENDRIX · June 3, 2011

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    L.A. isn't exactly known for its crisp, clean-cut style or embracing preppiness, unless we're being ironic about it. It's almost as if dressing up for a night out is a competition in who can look like they care less.  But now that the hallmark of prep crocadilly has decided to street up his vibe a bit, L.A. can get down with him. Especially when he throws parties like last night's Lacoste L!VE event presented by Interview Magazine at Lexington Social House.

    The brand we used to associate with golf and New England has undertaken a new initiative that's less yacht club, and more graffiti art show opening on La Brea with Lacoste L!VE and a mantra of "preppy is now hip and edgy." To help kick off summer and get its new, funkified image out there, Lacoste teamed up with Interview at the new Hollywood destination to throw a shindig, complete with DeLeón tequila cocktails, that said "hey, I'm not as square as you thought, don't care that you may or may not have showered before coming here, and am even into your McQueen skull scarf. Let's party."

    James King