L.A. Rolls On Shabbos For Lebowski Fest

by Emily Green · April 7, 2010

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    This weekend Lebowski Fest 2010 swept the L.A. area, drawing fans far and wide together in the name of His Dudeness (or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing).  Saturday night's festivities were held at The Cal Bowl for the fest's annual bowling party. It was pretty much what one would expect for such an occasion: The Big Lebowski trivia, a White Russian station just past the entrance, and a huge crowd of people dressed up as characters from the film bowling and working on their buzz.

    What was surprising, however, was the fanaticism that fueled the night's activities.  Now, I've never been to a Star Trek convention or anything, but I imagine this being very similar in nature to one. So basically, the fans are like Trekkies, but in this case, Achievers (a reference to The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers from the film, and what the MC's kept calling us).  It was as if people had been preparing for months for the costume competition - growing their hair out, scouring the thrift stores for the perfect pair of jellies and bathrobe, working on their swagger and diction to emulate that of the characters - so as to take the oh so honorable state title for best Lebowski Fest 2010 costume.

    Fans went nuts for actors (with maybe two lines in the whole film) who came and made an appearance. They orated from the little makeshift stage out to the crowd as if they were Mick Jagger live at Leeds. And the Achievers ate it up, lining up for an autograph and photo with with the actors.  It was definitely an die-hard Achiever's dream come true.