L.A. Toasts 'Love, Life and Happiness' With Kami Lerner & Soffer Ari

by Alex Gilman · May 9, 2011

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    On Saturday, the Soffer Ari flagship store on Robertson played host to 'Love, Life & Happiness,' an art show and fine jewelry exhibit featuring the works of Kami Lerner. While the beer and wine flowed, a crowd of actors, musicians, artists and the generally stylish took in the art and shopped for accessories. 

    With a self-described mixture of "opulent luxury and rock glamour," the jewelry and leather of Soffer Ari served as an ideal counterpart to Kami Lerner's intensely personal, uniquely styled paintings, and the crowd kept the experience as eclectic as the art. Best of all, 10% of all proceeds went to benefit the American Red Cross in support of the Japan Earthquake, a cause dear to our hearts. Let's take a look inside...