L.A. Toasts To Style At The Who What Wear Book Party

by Emily Green · March 9, 2011

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    What have you done for me lately? More importantly, what have you done to elevate the experience and make it prettier for all of us? Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power are certainly doing their part.  Last night the ladies of fashion go-to Who What Wear celebrated the expansion of their mission to make the world a better-dressed and more tasteful place with a signing soiree for their newest style guide book at one of our favorite boutiques in town.

    I, many I know, and others I just see on my journey through life could benefit from Kerr and Power's What To Wear, Where: The How-to Handbook for Any Style Situation and evidently, L.A. thinks so too. The guide to style received a very warm welcome last night as a slew of fashion-conscious Angelenos filled Satine to celebrate its debut. Samantha Ronson covered the decks and Las Palmas cocktails flowed as the WWW ladies signed copies of their latest published work while the crowd shopped the boutique. With the W3 by Who What Wear shoe line in the pipeline, Kerr and Power are really going to the distance to keep the world looking fancy. Catch a glimpse of the footwear in our photos from last night's sneak peek at the party.

    Hillary Kerr, Katherine Power Hillary Kerr, Katherine Power

    Hillary Kerr, Katherine Power Hillary Kerr, Katherine Power

    Samantha Ronson Samantha Ronson