L.A. Tumblr-ers Start Reading Series. Take Recreated Highschool Drama From Online To "IRL"

by NED HEPBURN · February 25, 2010

    I forgot who said it first, but Tumblr if you're unfamiliar with it, at it's core, is a 24 hour high school cafeteria - replete with every social slice of the metaphorical pie chart, from the cool kids shitting on everything, to the nerds two tables over to the freaks and geeks all around. Tuesday night marked the LA debut... of a reading series wherein contestants learn about the subject matter four days beforehand; and in part is named "Four Days" after popular LA tumblerina Molly McAleer's punchy catchphrase "for days!".

    There were about ten readers including the frankly amazing presence of Natasha Vargas Cooper - someone I'd only met before in passing - and it was her that steered the evening away from everyone just contributing seven minutes of blatant stand up, which was something the reading could very easily have become given the nature of the town we are in.

    The reading went off without a hitch, and it was excellent to put a name to a face - especially with usernames such as "Diet Cock" and "Spiegelman" (turns out that's his last name! Boy am I dumb!). Watching the readers stand up and perform what they'd written was a true pleasure and really solidified what made them great to watch in the first place. From Stephen Falk's amazing tale of love in the time of Scientology to the ubiquitous Moll's reading of a high school letter to a terrible teacher, it was a fun and interesting night for everyone, and I'll be glad if and when they choose to do the reading again.