L.A.'s PR Appreciation At The THV PR Showroom Opening

by guestofaguest · November 18, 2010

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    There can never be too many PR firms in L.A. Famewhoring isn't easy, and this town of Hollywood dreamers needs help and guidance from somebody. So when boutique upscale brand marketing company THV PR celebrated their official presence on the scene with the opening of their new showroom Tuesday night, L.A. welcomed them with open arms and air kisses.

    Founded by Touriya Haoud-Vaughan and Greg Vaughan (who happen to be a gorgeous couple), THV PR specializes in luxury marketing in the areas of fashion, lifestyle and entertainment.  With an emphasis on such industries, the exclusive debut of their showroom drew a eclectic crowd of stylish types including the fabulously pink-haired Nony Tochterman of Petro Zillia.

    Based on the excellent turnout for their showroom opening, we're sure THV will enjoy a very prosperous experience in it's new hometown. And we hope amid their success that they might let us borrow one of those studded leather jackets...?