L.A.'s Young Professionals Snack On Junk Food At The MyNines Launch

by Emily Green · April 28, 2010

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    Last night, a crowd of young go-getters gathered at the new W Hollywood Hotel to celebrate the launch of MyNines, the website that serves as a directory of all the sample sales happening in your area, as well as the brands they're selling.  The party was hosted at Station Hollywood, one of the new W's many "meet for a drink" spots next to Delphine. The outdoor bar boasts a lovely patio and fire pits which are surprisingly effective at keeping you nice and toasty after the sun goes down and the temperature drops about 25º.

    Mini quesadillas!

    Normally appetizers passed at these sorts of things are pretty mediocre because they strive to be all fancy and are just overcomplicated but you regrettably end up eating them anyway since you didn't have dinner before and then kick yourself because they really weren't worth the calories. But last night's kept it simple.Guests polished off hors d'oeuvres with a gourmet twist on our favorite junk food such as chicken drumsticks, bite-size quesadillas, mini jelly donuts (which were AWESOME), and cheesecake lollipops.

    The crowd was mostly a crop of fresh 20-somethings with jobs, among them were some fellow bloggers, PR-types and photographers. This is the second event we've been to in a span of a few days where there were these sorts of Angelenos who are actually pursuing real careers, which makes us wonder if the tides of this generation are turning and everyone's realizing they can't just lunch and lounge all day.