Lazarides' "Eurotrash" Opening Reception

by Emily Green · June 9, 2010

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    An international assortment of L.A. natives and transplants gathered at Lazarides in Beverly Hills to celebrate the art gallery's latest exhibition, Eurotrash, at its opening reception.  It was a busy Tuesday night for a handful of those who were at the Cobra Shop opening and later migrated west for cocktails and a first look at the exhibition.

    Eurotrash is comprised of the works of JR, Vhils, Conor Harrington and Antony Micallef -- four of Europe's hottest artists on the scene today. The show was a fantastic mix of edgy paintings, sculptures and installations charged with energy, street and pop culture, and an unmistakable sense of contemporaneity.  The stylish crowd of guests cooed over the works throughout the large space as they mingled and sipped beer and cocktails.

    Sadly, the Beverly Drive space is a temporary gig for Lazarides, a UK-based gallery that arranged to take over the 8,000 square foot venue to host four unique exhibitions until the end of August. Eurotrash will only be on display until June 27th and is definitely worth checking out, so make sure to get there before it's too late!