Mingling With Living Art Human Vases

by Alex Gilman · February 1, 2011

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    Visual art has never been limited. Our greatest creators express themselves on canvas, in sketchbooks, via carved stone, or perhaps in film. But this is Hollywood, so maybe it just makes more sense if we start on a semi-nude model. That's the jumping-off point for Living Art Presents: The Human Vase, an exhibition event at the Thomas Paul Fine Art Gallery last Thursday.

    The Human Vase is a collaboration between make-up effects artist Jennifer Aspinall and floral designer Alison Franchi, who work together as Living Art. The four designs showcased by the models are a fully realized combination of elaborate body paint, jewels, and floral arrangement, all set on a living canvas. While Living Art has produced The Human Vase before for charity events, galas and magazine spreads, this was the first time the designs were allowed to take center stage, and they were as otherworldly and hypnotic as promised.