Mischa Barton, Taylor Jacobson Help Open The First US Growze Boutique With A Packed Party On Larchmont

by Alex Gilman · March 21, 2012

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    There are several ways you could choose to put your label on the L.A. map. You could get an in-demand celebrity stylist to go crazy for your brand. You could feature a beautiful young actress, who's looking better than ever and wearing your clothes while doing it. You could throw a killer opening party for your first U.S. boutique and entertain a packed house with music and champagne. Or, if you're Japanese contemporary sportswear label Growze (pronounced Grow-zee), you could do all three.

    Yes, Growze officially burst onto the U.S. scene last night with a launch party at their new Larchmont boutique that was unquestionably the hottest fashion event in town. Not even the presence of the Fire Marshall could put out the excitement of the mix of Japanese and American media and L.A.'s fashion elite, who were on hand to witness an evening that began with a personal styling session from the always fashion-forward Taylor Jacobson. Jacobson, who has been a die-hard supporter since discovering the brand in L.A., presented a series of looks that showcased the brand's signature look of cool, edgy elements and tastefully flirty innovation.

    Following the session, the boutique opened its doors to the lucky RSVP's for a party hosted by "The OC" star Mischa Barton, who looked stunning in a sheer polka dot blouse from the Spring/Summer collection. The sounds of internationally known DJ Daisy O'Dell kept the crowd excited long past the scheduled end time as they partook of champagne, O.N.E. coconut water, hors d'oeurves and Babycakes cupcakes.

    While you should probably feel at least a little disappointed if you missed it, the fun isn't over. The Growze boutique is now open full-time in Larchmont, so if you like what you see here, go check it out today!

    Taylor Jacobson, Growze Designer, Mischa Barton