Models Are Artists Too: Feed A Model Presents "Yaay For Spring!"

by Alex Gilman · May 17, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos by Janey Feingold and tag yourself and your friends!

    Models: they're always so hungry! Of course, that comes with the territory to some extent, but people who judge the fashion industry on its shallowness tend to heap that judgment on the models themselves, without properly sympathizing with just how hard it is to spend your entire adult life on a lettuce-and-cigarettes diet. The fact is, being hungry ain't no fun, and while talk of healthier modeling standards and minimum body-mass might now entitle our statuesque friends to one extra piece of bread a month, it's still tough work. The key, then, is to fill the void with something else, like cocaine, or better yet, creativity. That's where Feed A Model comes in.

    As a collective for models with artistic and creative impulses, Feed A Model is part professional network, part artists collaborative, with a commitment to fun, inspiring shows that encourage art and expression of all kinds. As the website states, it's "a Hot Posse of talented females," and what could be bad about that?

    It's in that spirit that "Yaay For Spring!", their latest art show, was conceived and executed at Portfolio 360 on Melrose. Check out the fun—just, if you don't mind, leave that Snickers Ice Cream bar at the door, would you?