More Holli Ugalde Faces At The "Hell's Kitchen" Viewing Party

by Emily Green · July 28, 2010

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    Fans and friends of "Hell's Kitchen" contestant, Holli Ugalde, came together once again for her weekly viewing party of last night's episode, this time at new West Hollywood spot, The Parlor.  The chef and her supporters watched as the culinary drama unfolded giving us another round of Holli Ugalde facial expressions...

    Holli Ugalde Holli Ugalde "Oh he's totally gonna like this one!"

    Holli Ugalde Holli Ugalde "Jeez, I didn't think it was that bad. I thought it tasted kinda good... Well, maybe not" face

    Holli Ugalde Holli Ugalde "Honey, are you really gonna eat that?" face

    Holli Ugalde Holli Ugalde "Thanks for coming out tonight, friends" face

    Holli Ugalde Holli Ugalde "Cheers to that being over! Where's my Patron shot?" face