Music Meets Motion On Canvas With K. Maudal's "Found Rhythm" Exhibition Opening

by Alex Gilman · May 27, 2011

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    Ask any great artist what their influences are, and chances are they'll mention at least one musician, filmmaker, sculptor, or a master of some craft outside of their own medium. All art is connected, and true self-expression never exists in a vacuum of style or form. That is the message that Norwegian artist K. Maudal AKA Kristine Maudal sets out to explore in her new gallery show, "Found Rhythm," which held its L.A. opening night reception last night at Bob Oré's BOA Gallery on Melrose.

    Having started her artistic career as a dancer and musician, Maudal is acutely aware of the connections between sound, motion, and visual art, and with this show, attempts to capture

    "how the body’s spontaneous way of decoding sound and rhythm can be transformed into visual expressions."

    The result is paintings full of energy, movement, color and creativity, that allow the viewer to feel a more comprehensive sensory experience.

    In order to complete this effect, this U.S. opening event (following a May showing in Oslo) featured a full evening's worth of the international music that, in essence, inspired the dance and motion that in turn inspired the paintings. With the live DJ music energizing the crowd, the night turned into something far more alive than your standard gallery opening, which, of course, was essential to understanding Maudal's works in their full context. And as the crowd ate, drank, and moved to the rhythm, the full sensory experience that the artist set out to capture was ultimately realized.

    Kristine Maudal

    Kristine Maudal