New Media Wizards Network At Digg Swigg

by guestofaguest · May 7, 2010

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    Digg hosted the ultimate techie fantasy at the Viceroy Hotel on Tuesday night, where guests from the biggest online media sites (Hulu, MySpace, LA Times, etc.) were able to mingle over drinks and appetizers.

    The Digg Swigg fete, a mixer for prominent online media personnel to connect and network, welcomed and even encouraged the nerd in everyone. In what other setting would writing your Twitter handle, rather than your name, on your name tag be the cool, hip thing to do?

    With the help of an open bar and comfort food hors d'oeuvres (mini pizzas and burgers), guests bonded over working in the exciting social media industry and swapped new gadget and app info like gossip on a schoolyard.