(No Subject) Welcomes A New Bi, As In Bi-Coastal

by Zoe Brunn · October 20, 2010

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    Saturday night, our favorite "rogue creative, social agency" (No Subject) welcomed Kinda Sorta Media to their future home on the left coast with drinks, pillow fights, and a giant foot--all essentials of a proper welcoming fete.

    Described as something between a "beta launch party" and an "exploratory committee party", the 'welcome to L.A.' event went down in the Wow Room (sounds kinda naughty, no?) of The Standard Downtown. Whatever it was, with Jackie Johnson and Chelsea Matthews of (No Subject) involved, you can always expect a good time, especially if it's hosted in something called the Wow Room.

    The young social media-savvy group gathered to drink, dance and romp around the room with friends; jumping on the bed and a few pillow fights were unavoidable. A mysterious giant foot made an appearance, and naturally became the focal point of the night. Although it's uncertain when KSM will be opening their L.A. office (the hope is by the end of the year), the event was a great way for Los Angelites to acquaint the company with this town and show them what a great time they could be having out here.  And who wouldn't be stoked to branch out here ASAP when Wow Rooms, pillow fights and alcohol await you?