Notes From Inside MOCA's "The Artist's Museum Happening" Gala

by guestofaguest · November 15, 2010

    Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale

    Come inside MOCA's "The Artist's Museum Happening" annual gala presented by Chanel as our secret insider exposes the elegant Saturday night of A-list celebs and socialites. Join us for this no holds barred scoop straight from the source on what went down at the exclusive star-studded event...

    Liz Goldwyn, Chloe Sevigny

    Avant-garde it-girl, Chloe Sevigny (who usually does no wrong in my eyes) wore a rather unflattering white sleeveless jumpsuit and was especially chatty with Liz Goldwyn (another favorite) who was on point (per usual) in a black solid and lace contrast dress...

    Spark in the pan, Lori Loughlin, took advantage of the evening to have a "girls night with a mob of her tacky sorority-sister-looking BFFs.

    Another attendee who violated the no white after Labor Day rule was Kirsten Dunst. She showed up in something that resembled my grandmother's nightie more than a gown. If Spiderman were to ever save her, this would have been the time!

    Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane looked cozy together, although the third member of the relationship, Kari Ann Peniche was nowhere to be found... perhaps things got too crowded?


    Lovely Devon Aoki looked mesmerizing as always in a chic, long, backless dress. She was particularly glowing next to her new, attractive, yet unidentifiable boyfriend (she introduced him to me as such, so no assumptions there).

    Michael Patrick King, Kristin Davis Michael Patrick King, Kristin Davis

    Kristin Davis, was a vision in a red dress, maybe Valentino?

    Kate Bosworth

    Someone needs to buy Vera Wang a fucking cheeseburger.

    Meanwhile, someone needs to keep Jennifer Love Hewitt AWAY from cheeseburgers. Girlfriend has gained considerable weight, looks like she eats enough for a "party of five." (Side Note: she walked in on a bathroom stall while my friend was using it and said "sorry awkward, tight quarters." Haaa...)

    Recently single, Shiva Rose, was out on the prowl for a new beau with an unidentifiable wing woman.

    Honorary gala chair Larry Gagosian was a no show, as he was needed at the Vatican of all places.

    From the looks of it, politics took their toll on former Governor Gray Davis. He has aged terribly, and looked very haggard...

    Gala chair, Eli Broad, predicts L.A. will be the "epicenter of contemporary art in the 21st Century."

    Kate Bosworth, Malin Akerman Kate Bosworth, Malin Akerman

    In keeping with the Russian stereotype, Mila Kunis, was practically a chimney the entire evening. Why attend if if you're only going to be outside smoking the whole night?

    Oh, AND Dasha Zhukova, who was supposed to host the anticipated after party (like last year), pulled out super last minute leaving disappointed attendees without post gala options. :(

    Both Dasha and Mila Kunis wore white as well, new trend?

    Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale

    Kate Bosworth, Ginnifer Goodwin Kate Bosworth, Ginnifer Goodwin

    Kate BosworthJennifer Love Hewitt Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Kristin DavisMalin Akerman Kristin Davis, Malin Akerman

    [All photos via Marie Claire]