NYE At The Roosevelt: "It Was Like A Big Bar Mitzvah, A Good One"

by Emily Green · January 6, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos by Steven Meiers from NYE at The Roosevelt and tag yourself and your friends!

    ...Was the common response when asking those who attended how the Roosevelt's New Year's Eve blowout was. If the sorts of bar mitzvahs our sources went to involved scantily clad girls writhing around all over creation, music performances including a DJ set by the EC Twins, and Suge Knight amongst the guests, we get it.

    But the only things that really resonate with our concept of a bar mitzvah here are the disco balls and multi-colored lighting effects.

    And maybe some of the grownups who overindulged a tad. Otherwise, the event is the definition of a major Hollywood hotel party.

    The celebration's layout consisted of pretty much the whole hotel, spanning from Tropicana, to Teddy's, the lobby, and most likely some smaller festivities up in the rooms. Musical acts included Shiny Toy Guns, Rick Rude, CC Sheffield and masters of subtlety, The EC Twins.

    Did we mention Mr. Death Row of east coast-west coast rap wars notoriety, Suge Knight was up in this mother? You KNOW he wouldn't go to some bar mitzvah-like party on NYE... c'mon now.

    Suge Knight

    Suge Knight

    It also looks as though there was a consistent theme of getting a little frisky amongst L.A.'s NYE celebrations. And we're into it. 2011, let's goooo!