Nylon + YouTube Young Hollywood Party

by Emily Green · May 13, 2010

    Petro ZilliaNylon + YouTube Young Hollywood Party 2010Nylon + YouTube Young Hollywood Party 2010Stryder, Kathy Yedor

    Jonny Makeup, Jeremy Scott

    Nylon + YouTube Young Hollywood Party 2010Nylon + YouTube Young Hollywood Party 2010Max Reisberg, Dani DrasinNylon + YouTube Young Hollywood Party 2010

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    Last night, Nylon and YouTube came together to bring L.A. their May 2010 Young Hollywood Party. The poolside event took place at the Roosevelt Hotel's Tropicana Bar and had a massive turnout of "talent," tastemakers and L.A. scenesters. Oh, and the whole cast of "The Hills" with a crew filming for the show.

    The turnout was so big in fact that anyone who arrived after 10pm, except for some "talent," had to wait outside the party (including those who had already been inside but left for whatever reason) for a very, very long time because the fire marshal came and instructed the hotel and people putting on the event to hold the doors. Yikes... It was quite a sight: droves of all the fabulous people who act as if they've never been told "no" decked out in their hippest waiting around in a parking lot.  Sweet talking, boasting who you know and how important you are proved fruitless. "Yes, um, okay... I understand but at this point it's a fire marshal thing" the girls checking in guests said repeatedly to the pushy hopefuls who had the impression that they were somehow above the law and worthy of an exception. But no dice.

    Nylon + YouTube Young Hollywood Party 2010

    Nylon + YouTube Young Hollywood Party 2010 Nylon + YouTube Young Hollywood Party 2010

    Most of them probably made it inside the party eventually, and likely realized why the fire marshal held the doors.  The entire pool area was packed with people all trying to shimmy past each other as carefully as possible near the edges of the pool, many of them grabbing onto strangers for support like old ladies gripping handle bars in a shower. One guy actually jumped in the pool and was swimming around like happy tadpole which was kind of amusing.

    Nylon + YouTube Young Hollywood Party 2010 Don't mind the headless ghost, he's cool.

    Nylon + YouTube Young Hollywood Party 2010

    Although the music was great there wasn't much dancing, mostly drinking, shmoozing, cooing over outfits and posing for photos.  Among the many fashion mongers and scenesters who came out for the party were Petro Zillia, Jonny Makeup, Cory Kennedy, Jeremy Scott, Steve Aoki, Eli Roth, Peaches Geldof, and of course Marvin Scott Jarrett.

    Marvin Scott Jarrett Marvin Scott Jarrett

    Peaches Geldof, Eli Roth Peaches Geldof, Eli Roth

    Amber Rose R: Amber Rose

    Jonny Makeup, Jeremy Scott Guest, Jonny Makeup, Guest, Jeremy Scott

    "The Hills" cast occupied the back corner where they were all forced to sit at a table together as the crew filmed them.

    "The Hills" cast posing for cameras. We snapped a quick photo before we were asked by someone from the crew not to shoot. This is a serious production taking place...

    "It's really awful... stupid. I can't watch it" one cast member, who shall remain nameless, confessed when he snuck away for a minute. Dude, we totally feel you. Can't wait to see what brain damage the producers scrounge together for that episode, stay tuned!