Our 2 Favorite Costumes & More From Halloween Night At Jane's House

by Emily Green · November 2, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos by Erin G. Wesley and tag yourself and your friends!

    We're not done reliving our Halloween experiences and are really enjoying clicking through all the photos of everything that went down in honor of the holiday. And we would be remiss if we didn't give due recognition to the Halloween night throwdown at Jane's House which got prettyyyy, prettyyyyyy, pretty cray.

    Since I arrived early before the event with BJ Panda to set up his DJ equipment, I personally witnessed the party grow from an empty venue in the middle of Hollywood to a packed house party-style rager in the span of what seemed like roughly 8 minutes. This crowd took the occasion seriously so I think pretty much everyone was in costume. My favorite by far was BJ's. He went as a zombie Paz de la Huerta (is that redundant?) haute mess [Go HERE for a thorough reference point] and I'm seriously struggling to get through this post because I die looking at this photo:

    BJ Panda Bear as Paz. It's out of control.

    My second favorite was Jonny Makeup's look. I'm not sure if he meant to be someone specific, but this is one of the best chola renditions I've ever seen:

    Jonny Makeup

    The night featured a stacked lineup of our favorite local DJs like Pika, Will Crimes, BJ, Chris Kennedy and a slew of others who held it down to keep the animals moving in the various dance parties happening throughout the house. Between that and the Jell-O shots, it felt like a high school party in the best kind of way and was most definitely a fitting last go to close out this year's Halloween mischief. If your body still hurts like mine does from being a total degenerate for four days, that means we did it right.

    Mark Hunter