Partying Like A Toddler In A Onesie At The OnePiece After Party

by Emily Green · May 18, 2011

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    It used to be that the only appropriate times in one's life for wearing a full-body jumpsuit were before one is old enough to wipe and still needs to be burped after feeding time, and at government-funded institutions, like prison. But that's all changed now with the opening of the OnePiece store on Robertson, making head-to-toe colored jumpsuits a perfectly socially acceptable answer to what to wear tonight. And as we learned at a post-store opening celebration, they also give our peers, full-grown adults (I use that term loosely but let's agree to not get into semantics), license to party like a you're in your Terrible Twos, but with alcohol in red Solo cups instead of juice boxes.

    The after party for the OnePiece store opening at a sprawling home in the hills of Bel Air was essentially what you'd expect at a really extravagant birthday party for a young child, like if MTV ever delved into the depths of "My Super Sweet 4th Bday". That network abandoned whatever shreds of shame it still had years ago with "Date My Mom" so don't act like they wouldn't go there.

    But back to the OnePiece after party, it was just short a petting zoo as the ultimate kids party for grown-ups, complete with inflatable carnival games, sumo wrestling, cotton candy, a dog to torture running around, all while rocking the onesie. Have a look...