Prince of Persia Launches In West Hollywood

by Emily Green · May 28, 2010

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    Fire breathers, mermaids and hookahs were just some of the many attractions at Tuesday night's launch party for Ubisoft's 'Prince of Persia' video game. The event was held at The Mondrian's Skybar (the venue of our very own launch party!) where plasmas and consoles were set up for guests to take the game for a road test while sipping on cocktails and enjoying hors d'oeuvres on the outdoor patio. Girls in shimmery mermaid costumes sat along the edge of the pool with their feet dipped in -- a wonderful touch that made you feel like you were right on the coast of the Caspian.

    Upstairs in the cabana area, guests gathered around tables set up with hookahs for their puffing pleasure.  Some party attendees up there had either been hitting the sauce hard or were just really, really into the Top 40 hip-hop the DJ was spinning; they were getting down and busting out moves you haven't seen since 1999. Twas most entertaining.

    The highlight of the night was definitely the fire breathers.  Early on, a lone female put on a show dancing daringly with two long flaming batons. She kept sipping a flammable liquid and spitting it out at the flames to create large bursts of fire that got everyone really excited.  Guests standing close by could actually feel the heat of the flames as she performed, and stood transfixed thinking this lady must have a few screws loose to be doing something so dangerous. The suspense was palpable, as if everyone was waiting for her to mess up and disaster to strike. Luckily she didn't and there were no medical emergencies.

    A second fire performance was given later in the night, this time by two men who battled each other with long flaming rods.  Okay, that sounds really bad but, that's exactly what they were; these guys really went at each other, like a sword fight but with fire, while a fire marshal stood nearby at attention. It was pretty intense and dramatic -- one misstep and someone was getting crisped.

    Everyone enjoyed the second fire performance as much as the first and gathered around to watch the spectacle.  And guess what Z-list reality star we spotted in the crowd from the "Bad Girls Club" season one?  He's a nobody, but unfortunately we recognize him because the show is one of our guiltiest trash TV pleasures. Anybody remember that d-bag, Tomik? You know, Zara's love interest who's kind of like the L.A. version of a guido? That dude.

    He was seen chasing after one of the mermaids for most of the night. It's nice to see he's raised the bar and continuing to reach for the stars. Always dreaming big, that one.