RAW Artists & Syc Fuk Present An "Antiii Fashion Show" At Playhouse

by Alex Gilman · June 3, 2011

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    As I wrote just earlier today, fashion is a subjective, personal, and difficult subject to wrap your arms around. And in case you doubt that the universe agrees with me, check out these pictures from Syc Fuk's "Antiii Fashion Show," which took place last night at Playhouse.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Syc Fuk, it's the punk-marinated, all-attitude label from designer Bucky Bakes. If that doesn't tip you off, this will: the website proudly brags that Charlie Sheen and Nikki Sixx are among their biggest celebrity fans. With that pedigree, I'll bet you can guess how the fashion show went. There were no feathery angel wings, 10-minute 'vogue'ing breakdowns, or sobbing-with-joy men. There were, on the other hand, some tunes courtesy of Nylon Pink and Officially Hollywood, some models chiefing ciggies on the runway Kate Moss-style, and even Playboy Playmates Alie Layus, Korina Bliss, Hiromi Oshima and Nikki Ziering (yes, the ex-wife of "90210's" most inexplicable star Ian Ziering) backing up the Syc Fuk girls. All in all, an epic night for all aspiring biker assassins, rock drummers, and people who are pissed that nobody wears stunner shades anymore.