Red Rover Mixology At The First & Hope Downtown Supper Club Preview Party

by YOLANDA EVANS · April 5, 2010

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    Last week, cocktail enthusiasts were able to line their liver with gin, whiskey and rum-based drinks during the preview party (and a little Red Rover) for First & Hope Downtown Supper Club.The event played off that old childhood game involving one team calling out someone from the other side to try to break their line. You know what we're talking about Red Rover, Red Rover, and send so-and-so right over. Cocktail consultant for First & Hope's beverage program, Aidan Demarest decided to bring over an array of visiting mixologists while sending one of his own guys in exchange. For its debut, Demarest sent mixologist Marcos Tello up to The Rickhouse in San Fran in exchange for Erick Castro of The Rickhouse, Misty Kalkofen of Drink in Boston, and Juan Sevilla of LA’s Soho House to mix it up at the First & Hope.

    The supper club was packed with mixologists from around town, bloggers, and VIPs. It was hard to get to the bar since as it was about 10 people deep. Hostesses in stunning gray retro-inspired gowns designed by "Mad Men" costume designer Janie Bryant, strutted around carrying trays of drinks.

    Guests sipped on tasty cocktails, including Castro's Little Monster’s Exotic Punch, while enjoying a few of the restaurant's signature appetizers, such as twice-baked potato bites, Swedish meatballs, and bacon fudge dusted with gold. Yes, we did say bacon fudge. After trying a few more cocktails, we stumbled our way out into the night thinking that LA needs more events like this for us cocktail loving fools.

    [All photos by Robert Takata]