Refinery29 Celebrates L.A. Launch With Fashion, Rock & Mini Burgers

by Emily Green · May 21, 2010

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    Last night, fashion and style site Refinery29 threw a truly awesome fete to launch their L.A. site and kick-off their weekend-long East West Tag Sale event. The party was held at Space 15 Twenty in the heart of Hollywood on Cahuenga where the Umami Burger and those cools stores like What Goes Around Comes Around are.

    The lack of valet had fashionistas and indies parking all over the area and scampering along Sunset and Hollywood Blvd in their lace-up peep toes and plaid to make it to the party.  Luckily, yesterday turned from a hot, sunny day to gorgeous warm night, so a little walk was actually quite pleasant as long as you weren't in painful shoes. And even if you were, it was totally worth it. Inside the party guests congregated under the warm evening sky in the courtyard area were a DJ was playing all the best indie-rock as they chatted and sipped on Stella.

    In a stroke of genius (or a matter of convenience, either way, it was so money) Umami Burger was handling the food situation, passing around mini burgers, fries, vegetable tempura and other delicacies that had guests swarming around the servers coming out with fresh trays like piranhas at feeding time. It was actually pretty funny to watch all the fabulous people in the their chic finery flocking to fried "cheesy-tots."

    The pop-up boutique where the tag sale took place was packed, I mean LOADED with designer clothes, it was almost overwhelming. Despite these hard economic times the serious discounts made shoppers feel less guilty about spending and comfortable dropping some cash on new summer styles.  One of our trusty spies overheard someone working the register say they were selling $5000 worth of merchandise every hour. Not too shabby!

    Kate Mulling, Z Berg Kate Mulling, Z Berg

    Towards the end of the night The Like, the all-girl band of L.A. natives who have been on the music scene for nearly 10 years, put on a fantastic live show for the crowd out in the courtyard. They've recently ditched their hippie-boho style for a totally mod look and we kind of love Z's new 'do.  Shortly after their performance the party started to wind down and guests slowly filtered out, traipsing out onto Cahuenga back to their cars.

    Overall, it was a great night.  Can you really go wrong with an event that has so many of our most favorite things (good music, free-flowing Stella, mucho designer clothes at discount prices, AND delish mini burgers)? It was also the first party of the year that really felt like summer is finally upon u,s and we could not be happier to welcome the season.  Hopefully this was just the beginning of a fun-filled summer of excellent parties that remind us of why L.A. can be so awesome.