Rock & Ink At MG Black Label Presents "How Soon Is Now"

by Alex Gilman · June 6, 2011

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    You know the problem with most parties: everything's going great: music, drinks, friends. In fact, it's going so great that you're starting to feel like a whole new person. God, you could really go for a tattoo on your lower back or a sweet-ass Half-Bieber haircut right now, but that would mean leaving the party and finding a salon/tattoo parlor, all of which can really throw the evening off track. Unless, of course, you were at MG Black Label's  "How Soon Is Now" at the Alexandria Hotel on Friday night.

    If you were there, then all you would have to do is sit your ass down at the Black Banditz Pop-Up Shop located within the festivities, which was offering ink and cuts to go with the complimentary booze, the live music, and all the "Debauchery, Dancing, and Discord" that the crowd could handle.

    And I'll reiterate: nothing says you're a cool, in-the-moment kind of cat like getting a spontaneous tattoo, whether it's at an exclusive downtown hotel jam, or just blackout drunk on the streets of Washington, DC (not that I would know anything about that). Just make sure it's something awesome and timeless, like a unicorn, or your favorite potential 2012 Republican Presidential nominee, or a symbol that some guy you just met assures you means "princess" in Chinese. You know, important stuff. And if you go for the haircut, don't be lame, safe, or boring. People's dads have mohawks these days, it's been done. For further information, I refer you to my good friend Ron Artest.