Roll On Shabbos: Bring Your Friends To Lebowski Fest 2010

by Emily Green · April 1, 2010

    For those who don't know about this spectacular annual event, held for the last nines years, I recommend you take note and mark your calendars.  Lebowski Fest is the coming together of your local Dude enthusiasts to celebrate The Big Lebowski and engage with others who share a similar love for the movie they probably quote or think about on a regular basis. Released in 1998, the film still has a huge following,  rivaled only by the likes of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Star Wars trilogy.  It's one of  those films that has achieved cult status and never gets old.  And it happens to be one of my personal favorites.  Fans are passionate in their love for the characters and story in the Coen brothers masterpiece.

    This year, Lebowski Fest commences in LA on Friday night with a screening of the film at the Wiltern, followed by a bowling party on Saturday night at The Cal Bowl.

    Tell your friends and neighbors about Lebowski Fest, but make sure they come prepared - meaning, with a rolled joint, a White Russian cocktail in hand, and in costume as a character. Yes, you have to dress up. Just like the folks in the photos above. The following is a list of costume suggestions if you're drawing a blank or need some guidance:


    The Dude




    The Other Jeffrey Lebowski


    the nihilists



    Little Larry Sellers

    Knox Harrington

    Jackie Treehorn


    Bunny Lebowski

    Maude Lebowski (in robe, OR viking outfit)

    one of the girls from The Dude's dream


    Girls and Guys:

    Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

    [All photos via LA Weekly]