R&R Gallery Spurs New Mystery Street Artist Hype At Jesus Tribute Show

by Zoe Brunn · February 4, 2011

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    It didn't matter who was a sinner or a saint at R&R Gallery's "Jesus Is Coming" art show, everyone could appreciate the group tribute to the man upstairs.

    The R&R Gallery isn't shy about paying tribute to their favorite figures. Their last artistic honor went to the one and only Bill Murray and this was Jesus' time to shine. Although the pieces were all Jesus-themed, it was no Jesus fan club. An artsy crowd of invited guests came out to scope work by a group of artists, among them being Cody Comrie, Evanimal, Rob Bowen, Wendy Teague and the mysterious street-cum-gallery artist, simply known as "X".

    It's no secret how we do love our mystery street artists seeing as the documentary of the elusive Banky is in the the running for an Oscar. With "Jesus Is Coming" the Banksy-like artist made his gallery debut showing some powerful paintings and strategically setting off a fresh wave of anonymous artist hype.  Do we smell an "X" doc in the works...?