Skybar Loves Robyn At The SVEDKA Vodka Sessions

by Zoe Brunn · July 22, 2010


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    Booze and amazing live performances go hand in hand, so thank you, Giant Step and SVEDKA Vodka, for getting the formula down pat last night.

    The Mondrian's Skybar was packed full of vodka-loving Robyn fans (yeah, as in "Show Me Love" circa 1996. She's SO back!) for the latest SVEDKA Vodka Session. Together with Giant Step, the alcohol brand is bringing the people of L.A. a series of intimate artist showcases this summer. Last night's was Swedish singer, Robyn, who performed for the lucky invitees. Oh, and one of reality TV's most horrendous biatches, Gia, from VH1's "You're Cut Off", who was there having a great, unscripted time.

    The guests sipped on Svedka cocktails, bumped around to guest DJ Marques Wyatt's set, and then gathered around a small stage for Robyn's performance. The Scandinavian sensation is in the midst of a huge comeback, working with artists such as The Knife, Diplo, Basment Jaxx and Snoop Dogg over the last few years. The crowd was totally feeling her vibe, stylish flair (love her outfit!), and killer pipes.

    If you're riding the Robyn wave, her and Kelis are kicking off their All Hearts tour tomorrow night at The Music Box, so make sure to grab tickets before it's too late! And look out for the next SVEDKA Vodka Session in L.A because, c'mon, what's better then getting buzzed while enjoying some awesome live music?