SKYBAR's Wednesday Night "High Kicks" Strikes Again

by Emily Green · October 27, 2011

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    Do you ever find yourself getting that midweek itch to go out and be social but know hitting da' club will make the following day an exercise in nursing a hangover without the office noticing you wash down three Aleve with Taco Bell's #8 Value Meal? No, just me? The point is, there's a happy medium between staying in on your Wednesday night and going hard at Hyde with SKYBAR's High Kicks party which returned for its third installment last night.

    It's damn near November, but I am in shorts and t-shirt on this beautiful 75°-ish day, and that means the elements are in perfect agreement with a poolside party like Wednesday nights' High Kicks. The weekly event was back last night with tunes courtesy of Semi Precious Weapons' Justin Tranter and friends for guests to kick back and take in the panoramic views of the L.A. skyline under the stars over cocktails. The night also offered a bit of culture thanks to LAB Art's pop-up gallery of works from the La Brea street art gallery's collection for guests to peruse at their leisure.

    Once again, this bottle sparkler, dubstep-free environment was just what the doctor ordered for those who need to wake up and function in the morning but need a little action to hold them over until the weekend. If you missed it, make sure to get your High Kicks in next week.