Social Media Week L.A. Closing Party

by Zoe Brunn · September 27, 2010

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    Social Media Week L.A. capped off Friday night to celebrate the successful series of events that left Angelenos technologically inspired and eager to get busy networking.

    It's no question why Los Angeles was one of the chosen cities for Social Media Week. Most L.A.-ers have a bit of a social media addiction, constantly Tweeting and Facebook friending. Even Hollywood's got social media fever, with the biggest and most hyped film of the season being The Social Network. Technology enthusiasts, media experts and high powered executives all participated in various panels, discussions and parties dedicated to social media held in honor of SMW.

    The week rounded out at The Room where guests ditched their virtual communities for face-to-face interactions with fellow technologically savvy guests to bid SMW farewell. The attendees wrapped up their new media conversations, found each other on Facebook, and tweeted goodbye to the SMW events. But don't expect the social networking craze will fizzle out with SMW because the trend is here to say and will be going strong with a new batch of L.A. Foursquare mayors and tumblr fiends.