Summer Rooftop Pool Parties Return: Swimming With Sharks

by Emily Green · May 31, 2011

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    Aahhh, summer. How we've missed thee and all thine pool parties, bbqs, raves, beach days and ideal conditions for the ultimate maxin', relaxin' vibe-age that make you our favorite time of year. To herald your return, MFG launched their Swimming With Sharks pool party Saturday with a Memorial Day soft opening for their nearest and dearest as a proper kickoff of the season.

    With Team Wildlife and friends covering the decks, the Sharks swarmed to the rooftop of The Standard Downtown for an afternoon of sun, dancing, water gun fights and Jell-O shots—you know, just your garden variety tomfoolery full-grown adults are not only welcome but encouraged to partake in at the summer throwdown. Needless to say, the first Swimming With Sharks of 2011 was a reminder of what we've been missing all these months, and why we're thrilled it's finally time to get down, summer-style.