The Equation: Soiree No. 4 At Smudge Studio

by Zoe Brunn · September 24, 2010

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    Art and creativity for all? Not in this economy. The Equation is all about hosting amazing parties to make business happen with a little more ease.

    The already competitive entertainment industry is even harder to crack thanks to the current economic slump, and like everyone else, filmmakers have really taken a hit. The Equation is an organization that truly helps lessen the hit by bringing artists in the film and photo industry together to promote collaborations in a relaxed environment.

    Creative minds from all over the city gathered at Smudge Studio to mix it up and forge some new business ties. Filmmakers and photographers bonded over the arts while enjoying cocktails, photography projections, and the company of fellow visionaries. Luckily for the art makers and art appreciators of Los Angeles, The Equation is there to ensure the creative side of L.A. continues to go strong and stay inspired.