The Generic Man Undefeated Army Vs Navy Parking Lot Party

by CATHY LEVETT · June 14, 2010

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    Parking lot parties have become all the rage in L.A. recently. This particular bash was put on by Undefeated, in association with Junkyard Jeans in the back alley parking lot of the La Brea store to celebrate of the release of UNDFTD X The Generic Man - “Army vs Navy” Project. The store's Memorial Day sidewalk barbecue must have been a success since they stuck with the same concept for the occasion. Guests could purchase shoes from the store while jamming to tunes and feasting on hot dogs and hamburgers.

    In comparison to previous parking lot parties, this one seemed calmer (no lurking paparazzi) and catered to people of all ages (even kids). Guests seemed to be digging the patriotic theme, posing in front of the American flag and shopping in fake trenches. There wasn't much to complain about on such a beautiful L.A. evening while sipping on cold PBR and catching up with friends.

    Watch out paparazzi... the military is coming to L.A.!