The Jonas Brothers Get Animated While "Rocking Out" At Beach Concert

by LIZ JENEAULT · May 6, 2010

    The Jonas Brothers are the object of every pre-teen's desire. They are the Hanson of today. And to the pleasure of several L.A. tweens, the brothers "rocked out" last night during a late night beach concert.


    The concert was filmed for the second season of the brothers' show, now titled "Jonas L.A." (we're hoping they're not ENTIRELY taking over). The concert was say the least. We can really tell the brothers were trying their hardest to show off their "style," and we're guessing they wooed over the girls in the audience.

    Lets start with Joe Jonas...

    Now Joe has some style. With those super cool hipster glasses, and that swinging-microphone-pole-technique, he looks dreamy and sophisticated.

    On the left, Joe has decided to shake arms with fans--getting real professional here. And we're not entirely sure what Kevin's up to on the right...

    Looking great boys, work it, work it...!

    Wow, they're REALLY "rocking it" here. You can just TELL they're celebrities. The way the lights hit their fluffy brown hair...

    Oh, boys. You guys are great. What would LA do without you?! We're glad you're doing a second season of "Jonas L.A.," that's for sure.

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