The Los Angeles Convention Convention Center: From HempCon To Comic-Con?

by Chiara Atik · February 24, 2010

    Reports today that Comic-Con, the four day bacchanalia of all things Sci-Fi or nerdy, might travel up PCH to the Los Angeles Convention Center has left Hollywood excited and San Diego in despair. The move could bring $60 million dollars in revenue to LA, which we have a feeling is a considerably larger amount than what the convention center is making this week with Hemp Con...-

    Elsewhere in Los Angeles, medical marijuana is being hotly disputed, but the controversial plant has found a safe haven in the Convention Center, where Hemp Con 2010: Medical Marijuana Show is currently underway.

    Just today, the LA Times reported that the city prosecutor's office is seeking court injunctures to force Venice Beach's Organica to stop all sales, but people looking for a fix, you know, for medical reasons should spend the $15 for a Hemp Con ticket. Once you're in, you can practically pick the stuff as it's growing.

    While Hemp Con and Comic-Con may certainly have different scopes, the two conventions aren't so different: both amass a huge number of people who are so fanatical about what they love (comics, pot) that they are willing to spend 3 days trolling around a huge convention center in costume (superheros, leaves of marijuana.)

    Well, I mean. It's good to have hobbies, right?

    [All photos by Jay Oligny via LA Weekly]