The Supper Club Hosts An Eco-Friendly Weekend To Celebrate Earth Day

by Emily Green · April 26, 2010

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    This weekend, The Supper Club and Friends In High Places joined forces for a two-day "green" celebration of Earth Day. The weekend's festivities included a gifting suite and spa lounge on Friday and Saturday, as well as an evening cocktail party Friday night, all hosted at the Lofts at Cherokee Studios on Fairfax. Holding the events at this location was fitting for the cause as the building boasts a highly eco-friendly and energy efficient design intended for people who want to live a greener way of life but still be able to park their Prius' in close proximity to the bustling action of L.A. Plus, it has a spacious roof with killer 360º views that encompass everything from the Hollywood Hills to the twinkling city streets to downtown's historic skyscrapers.

    The daytime spa and gifting lounge offered several beauty services including makeup application, facials, blowouts, manicures and even reflexology. There was also a bar on the bar on the roof where the men could make themselves comfortable while their ladies got pampered but, as you might expect, this drew a mostly female crowd. Unlike most gifting/hospitality suites that generally consist of loud music and high-energy publicists running around like hysterical chihuahuas trying to make sure their celebrity guests are photographed receiving all the lounge's services, this was a very relaxed and serene escape.

    Friday night's cocktail party had a much more balanced male-female ratio.  Guests were treated to "eco canapes" (what does that mean?) and cocktails by VeeV, and had the option of mingling inside where a DJ provided the tunes or up on the roof where a live band played some Sublime-like jams.

    It looks as though the entertainment and event world is finally capitalizing on this whole green thing...