The W Backyard Hosts Bubbly Hour LA

by Alex Gilman · August 5, 2011

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    Does any other adult beverage come as loaded with built-in meaning as a glass of nice French Champagne? Sure, a High Life or a shot of Jäger comes with certain connotations, but in theory, you can still drink a High Life anywhere without raising too many eyebrows. French Champagne, on the other hand, demands a more specific setting, an element of sophistication, an appreciation for the good life.

    That's why we appreciate Mikey Glazer, the new "Party and Event Insider" for The Insider, and his friends for co-sponsoring Bubbly Hour LA, an evening of Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne specials at the W Hotel Westwood.

    With food from the backyard in steady supply, guests put on their Thursday best and mingled in poolside cabanas as the sun set over Westwood. The work week is still about 5 hours away from grinding to a halt for most of us, but last night, for a least a few hours, the guests of Bubbly Hour LA can say that they sipped the most sophisticated beverage on the planet, and took a little break from it all.