Thrillist's Best Of The Best Food Truck Rally

by guestofaguest · October 6, 2010

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    We know the best food truck of the day was TBD, but it was clear as day that homie with not one, but two Flipcams to document the event was our biggest mobile eatery fan at Thrillist's Best of the Best Food Truck Rally.

    The Saturday event hosted by Thrillist brought out droves of the city's biggest food truck enthusiasts to Siren Studios for a little taste test to determine L.A.'s best food truck. A $5 donation to Meals on Wheels West got tasters tickets to samples from each of the five trucks in the running for the title of L.A.'s best and free Bacardi and Dos Equis all day.

    Between all the food and day-drinking in the heat, it was recipe for a widespread post-food-truck-rally-siesta-turned-"guess who's not making it out tonight", but well worth it.  We can all stand to have one less Saturday night out in exchange for a great day with free drinks.

    Congrats to Dante Fried Chicken for earning the title of Thrillist's Best of the Best Food Truck in L.A., we'll see you on the block!