Top 15 Special Things About The Black Banditz Friends & Family Party With White Arrows

by Emily Green · March 5, 2011

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    Our weekend actually started last night when we got to the Black Banditz Friends & Family Tour Launch for White Arrows. It was like a high school party but better because you could get tattoos and your hair did. We didn't get any ink but were having a phenomenal time until the cops came and shut it down. But the truth is it probably wouldn't have felt right if the party ended any other way.

    This was a dual celebration, not just a kickoff for the White Arrows' tour, but also a soft opening for the venue welcoming everyone to tattoo shop and salon Black Banditz's new Melrose spot. For this special occasion, Rick Rude was on the decks inside while a free-for-all bar was set up in the garage, and the band played a set that was unfortunately cut short when the fuzz dropped in.

    There was so much we loved about the night but here's a collection of the top 15 highlights and generally special things from the night:

    1. Glory. I think it needs to be framed and on a mantle somewhere.

    2. I like the way Darren looks behind the bar.

    3. It's cool when anything on Melrose can bring out hippie queens to play.


    5. Dan Regan is a GIANT.

    6. Oh hey, gurl!

    When the band was forced to stop midsong and announced to the crowd the cops had arrived and they needed to cut it there, someone shouted "FUCK THE PO-LICE. WHITE ARROWWWWS." I think that was this fool:

    7. Shit got patriot.

    8. White Arrows.

    9. Hot chicks. Plus I'm pretty sure Hannah is casually double-fisting here.

    10. Self-tatting. Top that.

    11. CROC JACKET!!!!

    12. No words necessary.

    13. Oh, you got him!

    14. YEAH!

    15. Oh my god........ FUCKING CARLTON CAME!

    ...Oh, just kidding! C'mon, that cannot be the first time he's heard that.

    I think we all miss high school parties so these sorts of throwbacks to them are the best. The abrupt end was actually necessary because it's the only ending that would have made sense for this kind of thing. So thank you, LAPD, for sticking to the script and helping complete the whole high school party experience.

    Because things were cut short, there was plenty of time to get to Hemingway's for the after party to rage, which we'll talk about more on Monday. But just one thing about that: Will Crimes, how did you get inside my head and know I wanted to hear the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" theme song when you played it?? He is a sneaky wizard man and had every single person at Hemingway's singing all the words, with conviction. Check out these equally special photos from the after party.