Tyler Shields Wows Guests At "Collisions" Party

by Emily Green · May 3, 2010

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    Between no valet at the downtown warehouse, gunfire at human targets, and naked girls, Tyler Shields' party for his highly anticipated photography exhibition, 'Collisions,' on Saturday night, was a truly unique experience loaded with surprises. 

    Guests who came out to support the outrageous photographer were met with a guard in full military regalia holding a very large and scary shotgun at the entrance of the gallery. And he was for real you guys, the publicists at the door said so. Another splattered in fake blood lurching around the entrance greeted guests upon entering the gallery space.

    And a lovely day to you, sir!

    After that sort of entrance, guests with the immediate "Christ, where's the bar, definitely going to need a drink for this one" reaction were met with yet another surprise: no alcohol. NO. ALCOHOL. No what...?? NO ALCOHOL! Have you ever even been to an event meant for adults that wasn't serving alcohol, or heard of such a thing? Neither have we. It's blasphemous! When the bartenders, if you can even call them that, dropped that bomb everyone was in utter disbelief thinking it must be one of Tyler's stunts for the night, but no such luck.  Apparently there was some issue getting a liquor license for the event. Major party foul, people... Like, epic.

    News like this to a crowd that just schlepped downtown and scurried through a poorly lit alley littered with glass and an assortment of other detritus that we wished we'd never seen (i.e. a used condom) prompted a beeline to the patio for chain-smoking and bitching.

    So how the eff do you save a party with no alcohol for which most of its guests are dependent on for shmooze juice? You don't really unless you're Tyler Shields. The shutterbug has a way with pushing the envelope and guests knew he would never disappoint them with a dud. Let's take a look at some high points of the night and surprises that we knew we could count on...

    There really wasn't any dancing, save for a handful of folks with heaps of confidence, like this guy. He is really feeling that beat and doesn't care who knows it.

    Edible art! From the distance this just looks like your requisite cupcake tower that no event can be without these days, but a closer inspection reveals frosted renditions of the artists photos.

    Around 11pm Shields stood at the front of the gallery asking everyone to gather 'round for a moment so he could show us something.  Finally, the moment we'd all been waiting for. Soberly.

    Okay... We're here, what's happening?

    Uh, guys, is that at bulletproof vest...?

    ...That is totally a bullet proof vest!! Holy shit, is he for real right now?!

    As everyone stood there in suspense, Shields urged his guests to "remain calm" and pleaded, "do not freak out!!"  After asking the crowd to part just a couple of feet down the center, he walked towards the back wall, gun in hand...


    Yeah, he totally shot him. With a gun, not a camera. From the back wall between the crowd.  The bullet hit the guy square in the chest as planned, the impact of which knocked him off his feet.  Shields opened fire in a room full of people who stood and watched. Canyousay Chutzpah...

    A gun-wielding Shields moments after his stunt

    The fact that there was no alcohol was probably for the best, as you can imagine the drunken hysteria this sort of thing would provoke.

    A few minutes after the shooting, two girls who had been dancing by themselves the entire night reemerged and resumed their spectacle, except now one was stark naked and donning a mask. Didn't really get the purpose of the mask, seeing as we all saw her before and know exactly what she looks like.

    Tyler Shields' Collisions Dude! That girl is naked!! I told you this party was gonna be sick!

    You wanna hold my gun?

    Who says you need alcohol to make a party interesting when you can just get naked and shoot people? Well done, Tyler Shields.