Welcome To The Redbury!

by Emily Green · October 21, 2010

    "What floor we going to?"

    Last night was the grand opening affair for the SBE'e latest Hollywood development, The Redbury. There were little people bellhops manning the elevators and so much more to class it up right.

    Wait, why am I telling you this? You were probably there along with everyone else in this town who may or may not matter.  But that's what happens when you need to fill a hotel with people so the event doesn't seem like a dud. Except then it becomes an issue of quantity versus quality and one had to get the shaft last night.

    It was pretty much what you'd expect: extravagant, lavish, highly staffed and not nearly as good as your optimistic side was hoping for but your realist side knew better. Okay, I guess one thing I certainly didn't see coming was a team of little men in mini bellhop outfits with matching hats hired to give guests lifts in the elevators. Nope, that was the curve-ball of the night, and the kind that made you feel really dirty and wrong for liking. Now YOU try getting "Follow The Yellow Brick Road" out of YOUR head!

    We have much, much more to share about the night and will have full coverage for you tomorrow, plus more photos from the inside like these. In the meantime, you can look at our photos from the red carpet of all the important people who attended The Redbury's big debut HERE!