White Stripes Rockumentary Screening Of "Under Great White Northern Lights"

by RACHEL KANE · March 10, 2010

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    Almost every moment in Emmett Malloy's White Stripes rockumentary could be an album cover. "Under Great White Northern Lights," the chronicle of the tri chromatic band's 10th anniversary Canadian tour, captures the frenetic, gorgeous mood of the world the Whites create onstage and off, with a combo of concert recordings and starkly stylized locales in which the duo creep around with the lackadaisical cool musicians seem to be born with.

    Tuesday night brought a few hundred fans, industry folk and crew from the film to the Egyptian Theater for the LA premiere. Under the gilded rafters the audience watched as a cinema screen sized Jack and Meg White played sideshows on boats and buses to Canadian boys and girls, sweating and shaking in unison for grateful crowds.

    When the credits rolled the clapping came and Malloy and producer Mike Sarkissian appeared to take a few brief questions before the crowd spilled out into the courtyard in search of that special feeling which can only be achieved by drinking free beer under an open sky and rustling palm trees.

    As people wondered aloud in huddled groups when The White Stripes, who canceled their last planned tour more than two years ago, would play again, a DJ spun unremarkable music in the background. But in his defense, it's awfully hard to follow a wide-screen performance from The White Stripes.