Young Professionals Light Up Trousdale For The ORT Summer Mixer

by THEO HENDRIX · June 8, 2011

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    Trousdale experienced a major transformation, if only for a couple of hours yesterday, that we barely even recognized it as the same midweek slosher destination. Look how nicely it cleaned up for the ORT Summer Mixer last night. There was hardly any dancing atop tables. We said hardly.

    Some of L.A.'s finest young professionals gathered at the ORT America Next Generation L.A. Summer Mixer, held to raise funds for the organization's effort to educate at-risk youth around the world. Although at a club generally reserved for indulging your worst self, wine, sliders and conversation took the place of Grey Goose magnums, bottle sparklers and grinding. Guests, including the ever so genteel Josh Flagg, networked over wine and cocktails in support of the cause and remained on their best behavior in spite of their fist-pumping instincts for the special occasion.

    Of course, some of the weak ones didn't have the willpower to keep themselves from dancing on top of furniture. It's okay though. They were on their a-game for most of the time and were out in support of a greater purpose, so they kind of earned it.

    Josh Flagg