Top 10 Spring Style Musts, The Dudes' Edition

by Morgan Stewart · March 26, 2011

    BOYS! I would highly advise all of you to pay EXTRA attention to the following: SPRING IS HERE- and just because you're a dude does not mean you shouldn't be on top of this. Taking a mental note of these items is only going to further your potential for spring flings into OVERDRIVE. Once you have heeded my words, your next mission will be to track me down to send me your GREATEST APPRECIATION. I will take this time to say you're welcome now, don't even mention it! Notebooks out and pens in hand, these are your Top 10 Spring Style Musts... HERE WE GO... [Moscot sunglasses via]

    [Girls, we covered you yesterday, go HERE to see the women's Top 10 Spring Style Musts]

    1. STUNNER SHADES- To keep all that hot sun out of those precious eyes. I recommend you try to look like James Dean as often as possible. Moscot really leads you in the right direction.





    2. SHORTS!!- Obviously, shorts are an absolute must for the warmer weather! Fancy paint splatter ones make you look just oh so irresistible... WE JUST CAN'T HELP OURSELVES! Are you an artist? Oh don't lie, you totally just helped paint your girlfriends apartment in those shorts, didn't you?

    [Marc Jacobs splatter shorts  Via]

    3. The loafer/espadrille- RAWR!? LEOPARD PRINT! Too chic for words! Stubbs and wooten are the  new Chuck Taylors for the style conscious man. They come in an array of colors, if you are more comfortable sporting a black or navy version- NO WORRIES!

    4. WATERPROOF SHOES? -GET OUT! I don't know how it can possibly get more fun that that! The waterproof swims loader is an absolute must have- DO I REALLY HAVE TO SAY WHY? W.A.T.E.R.P.R.O.O.F!

    [Stubbs and wooten espadrille via; Swims Loafers via]

    5. VILEBREQUIN SWIM WEAR- Frogs? starfish? sea turtles? THESE ARE ALL OPTIONS! I KNOW! CONTROL YOUR EXCITEMENT! The reason for the recommendation in particular is due to their incredible fit. No matter what shape or size you are these bad boys will do you justice. Trust me! Yes we have officially built trust over the course of this post. Don't deny this. If prints are too extreme for you, American Apparel swim trunks are effortless and they have a great fit.

    [Vilbrequin swim trunks via; American apparel swim drunks via]

    6. DENIM SHIRTS- The easiest way to look cool and laid back this spring season, NOT to mention SEXY!

    [Double R L denim button down via; Double R L jeans via]

    7. JEANS- A light wash distressed denim look! mmmhmm! (acceptable for your nightly excursions, in fact-NECESSARY)

    8. Lightweight blazers- STOP WITH THE VELVET BLAZERS! IN GENERAL! IF YOU'RE WEARING THEM- TAKE THIS AS A WARNING! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Beige/navy/white/grey/striped blazers in a light material are all fantastic for the spring season. Think: Cotton/linen

    [Steven Spurr blazer; photo via]




    9. Linen button downs- Along with the jean button down- Linen is another fantastic option, same effect and just as groovy!

    10. White TEES- You can never have too many white tees. Nothing is fresher or more spring looking than a crisp white tee. I would buy in bulk!

    [photo via]

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