If you've been following us at all over the last few weeks, you already know our love for Lana Del Rey runs deep. We even made the raddest fan art I've probably ever seen when her album came out last week. That's why Alex and I were heartbroken at not being able to stand in line in the rain for two hours yesterday evening for the chance to see the free show our favorite controversial songstress put on at Amoeba in Hollywood for her devoted L.A. following. God, employment! Why do you have to get in the way of everything??! We did however make our friends who were lucky enough to attend send us real-time updates and photos from Amoeba as it was going down and tell us all about it. From the huge line of fans that stretched across a nice portion of Sunset Blvd to the rhinestones on Lana's mom jeans, here are the details we got back from our scouts out in the field.

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[Photo by Benny Le Banhart]