Ladies, let's talk for a second. As you very well know, next Tuesday is Valentine's Day, which means that if you're in a domestic partnership of some kind, you've probably already built up an elaborate fantasy wherein your man* will whisk you away to a private beach alcove for a seven-course meal of gastronomic delights, followed perhaps by a moonlight trail ride and the gift of a diamond-and-sapphire-encrusted engagement ring. I am pleased to inform you that this is exactly what your boyfriend is planning.Provided, of course, that you mean to do something special for him as well. Why play games with your future? Guarantee the lifelong happiness you've always dreamed of by getting him something from our Guest of a Guest Boyfriend Valentine's Gift Guide

*NB: The GofG L.A. staff fully acknowledges the wide range of relationships out there, and intends this to be an open guide to partners in all forms of relationships. As the guide was written by two heterosexual men, we're using the pronouns appropriate to our situation, but we wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day and sincerely hope this guide is used by anybody that loves steak, beer, sports, and other stereotypical guy shit, or as it's otherwise known, awesome shit.