In Defense Of New York Weather (Get Over Yourself, LA!)

by Chiara Atik · November 18, 2010

    Oh looky here, another retort from GofG Team LA on our "NYC>LA" manifesto. It seems here they think they can win this feud by extolling the virtues of warm weather. Dear Californian colleagues, unlike your fellow citizens of Los Angeles, we aren't so easily impressed.- Alex Gilman writes:

    "Let's be clear: when we say "the seasons," what we really mean is winter. LA has plenty of spring-ish (bright and warm) and fall-ish (bright and cool) days. Now, when your pretentious East Coast friends lecture you about "the seasons," the experience they're promoting is the one you can see in the photo to the right: bone-freezing, soul-crushing, ball-shrinking COLD, with a healthy side dish of inches, if not feet, of snow. And don't forget the wind!"

    Ha! Alex. That's cute. And, yes, there's nothing worse than being stuck outside for whatever reason when the sleet is blowing perpendicularly and your umbrella is broken and you step off the sidewalk into what you thought was hardened snow, but is actually a 2 ft puddle of slush.

    But that really isn't what we mean by seasons.

    Alex says he's from the East Coast, and has happily taken refuge in Los Angeles' sunny skies. I'm from LA, and while it's always nice to spend a weekend home during the winter, I love the variety of weather in New York. I also love that it allows for variety in my wardrobe: I hated those listless days of thumbing beautiful coats and wool tights and leather boots in LA, knowing a weekend in Big Bear or Idyllwild wouldn't really justify the cost. And after 7 years of living here, I still love how the city shuts down after a snowfall, and there's nothing better than holing up somewhere for two days during "snowpocalypses". Unless you have to travel, people here tend to love Nor'easters: it's an excuse to stay in bed and wear flannel and watch tv and not go to work.

    And nothing beats the first day of warm weather, or the first cool breeze of Fall. It's not just about weather, it's about the air of possibility that comes with each change of season.

    Alex, in case you're more of a visual learning, lets let these pictures of Central Park do the talking.





    Gorgeous, right?

    Now, let's look at the seasons in Los Angeles.

    Spring                                                     Summer

    Autumn                                                 Winter

    We're bored, Alex. We're really bored. Now enjoy the afternoon rush hour, we're going to walk home now.

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